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Fontanella Dance Company

Our Mission

Fontanella Dance Company is a contemporary Irish step dancing company founded by choreographer Kristyn Fontanella. With a background in traditional Irish step dancing and experience touring with Riverdance, Lord of the Dance, and Gaelforce Dance, Kristyn's mission is to showcase the complexity and versatility of Irish step dancing to future generations. Our company offers a unique blend of traditional and contemporary dance styles that captivates audiences of all ages. Come experience the magic of tradition with Fontanella Dance Company.

Kristyn Fontanella

Artistic Director

As a choreographer/dance artist Kristyn Fontanella focuses her past knowledge of Irish step dancing and presents it in a contemporary context. Having toured for over 12 years with Riverdance, Lord of the Dance & as lead soloist in Gaelforce Dance, her current mission is to show another side of the complex world of Irish Step dancing to future generations. 


Kristyn's duet, 'As We Know It' was an early success, showing in NYC, Dublin Dance Festival, Marseille New Danse Festival, & Tanzmesse Germany. Her ensemble work, IN LiMBO, which has had continued support from the Arts Council, completed a seven venue Irish National Tour in February 2020. 


Kristyn was involved with two projects for Galway 2020; Plurabella, a solo dance film commissioned by Ríonach Ní Néill (Hope it Rains) and a site-specific dance piece with Dansnest (NL) through Galway Dance Project. 


Her new traditional dance comedy 'The Competition... an interactive feis' was supported through multiple awards from the Arts Council and premiered in April 2021. This piece was performed live and filmed with seven cameras. Not only was this a live performance it was also interactive, where the audience remotely voted at the end of each round. Their votes then determined the starting order for the next round and ultimately the winner!


Kristyn resides in Co. Galway where she continues her creative process exploring the two worlds of Traditional and Contemporary dance. Her focus now is on a new solo work tracing her dance family tree, with support from Town Hall Theatre Galway, Galway International Arts Festival and the Irish Arts Council. 

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Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team at Fontanella Dance Company is made up of highly skilled and passionate dancers who bring Kristyn's vision to life on stage. Each member of our team has a unique background and brings their own style and flair to our performances. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional Irish step dancing and creating unforgettable experiences for our audiences.

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